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Why the name "Ispirazione"?


Ispirazione comes from family background and the personal path of the company founder.

Ispirazione signifies the places and the people that have inspired and led to the birth of this company.

The path of the founder has its origins in the Italian tradition of family business.

The first place that inspired the founder to develop the company was the café/ice cream parlor owned by his family, opened by his grandparentsrun by his mother and still family owned to this day.

Training and learning
 of the founder was marked by experiences at Bar Scocchieri, still considered one of the best bakeries/ice cream parlors in Calabria. Trigna bioecological farm, founded in 1920 in Lamezia Terme by Horace Knight of Labor's Ferla, a farmer who in 1938 carefully selected a variety of rice “Vialone Nano” still featuring his name.

In 1991 Ferraro farm was founded, curently active in the local production of wine, olive oil, vegetables and citrus fruits.

Having moved to Florence, the founder started work in the field of marketing and distribution, for 4 years working for the Chil, one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

Over the years in Florence, key vocational experience was taken from working at the first Villani Pastry, confectionery and then Pasticceria Neri, still one of the
 best Florentine bakeries.

With the transfer abroadthanks to the meetings with Badr, Lasse, Marco, MarieAnna RoccoGiorgio, Elisabeth, Carola, KarinaCiccio
Agata,      Cristina, Fabia, Panos, KateRuggeroRoberto, Gabriel , Nynne, Simone, Ale, Silje, Mikael, Gabriele, PatrickJeppe, Folke and Valerio comes the need to import  italian products, whilst supporting local trade and training staff. 


“Skill is the daughter of experience.”


Leonardo da Vinci



ISPIRAZIONE is run by Giovanni Ferraro, a Professional Master of Coffee Science and Sensory Analysis by The International Institute of Coffee Tasters and the Centro Studi Assaggiatori, in collaboration with several of Italy's best artisan food companies and the Giusti STP Lawyers' office.






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